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Walter F. Kelly Weekly

Walter F. Kelly Weekly

Topic of the Week  12/20/21


For some, the holidays bring unplanned work hours and overtime. This makes it crucial for workers to keep track of their time worked and hold employers accountable. Learn how to advocate for yourself here.
On my last paycheck, I was shorted several hours. What should I do?

My employer won't pay me the commissions I earned. What should I do?

Thought of the Week

"Over 200,000 veterans enter the workforce each year."


Weekly Comic by Jerry King

Weekly Comic by Jerry King

Blog of the Week

Striking Alabama Coal Miners Want Their $1.1 Billion Back

History repeated itself as hundreds of miners spilled out of buses in June and July to leaflet the Manhattan offices of asset manager BlackRock, the largest shareholder in the mining company Warrior Met Coal.

Top Five News Headlines

  1. EEOC Sues Verona Area School District for Pay Discrimination
  2. Whistleblower protections for Colorado workers during pandemic would be made permanent with proposed bill
  3. The NLRB says it will hit Amazon with an illegal dismissal case if it doesn't settle with a pro-union warehouse worker
  4. EEOC Releases New Guide for Federal Employees Filing Employment Discrimination Appeals
  5. Strike at Kroger's King Soopers ends after deal with union

List of the Week

from My Perfect Resume

  • 79% of individuals say that they have experienced or witnessed bullying at work
  • 47% of workers have quit a job due to bullying
  • 66% of women say they have felt regularly undermined or picked on at work